Welcome to Team Trivia


What is Team Trivia?

Team Trivia is a fun, social, trivia game for teams or individuals. Teams use a smart-phone to answer questions read by a live host. Questions are generally 5 minutes apart, allowing players to enjoy time spent with their friends in a lively, social environment.

For each question, you bet points based on the confidence you have in your answer. Once a question is presented, you have 1 minute to answer.

Each contest is made up of 22 total questions that includes 2 rounds of 10 questions each, plus a half time question and a final question.

The half time question is a 5 point bonus question. It is difficult, and the answer is always a number. If no team answers correctly the team (or teams) that have the closest answer are awarded the bonus points. This is the only question you can get points from just by being a good guesser.

The final question is the only question in which you can lose points. All other questions are risk free with no penalty for wrong answers. You can wager between 0 and 15 points. If you answer incorrectly you will lose the points that you wagered. Keep an eye on the leader board so you know how much you should wager!